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Business Networking...

We attend a variety of business networking breakfasts - drop us a line if you fancy meeting us at a venue or invite us to one of yours...

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We like food...

Fancy a bite to eat? We need fuel - so why not call us and see if we can do lunch to discuss ideas and much more...

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We absolutely love coffee

I bet we have the best coffee machine in business? or we can always just grab a coffee at a shop...

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After hours business clubs, a nice bar or we could always just rock up at the local pub quiz to meet up… cheers

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Always here to help!

PlayMountain are based in Maidstone, Kent and we cover a worldwide territory.

We Specialise in Cost-Effective & Bespoke Business Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Products, eCommerce, Websites & AudioVisual Content Solutions - including Podcasts.

These solutions are designed to reach out to your target audience through complementing your brand’s vision, and by creating awareness
and engaging social media marketing strategies - that integrate seamlessly into your existing or new websites and social media profiles.

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call or message us for a chat • 01622 808 007 • 07958 542215

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"I have learned over the years that when one's mind is made up, this diminishes fear."

Rosa Parks

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